The road to damaged hair can be fast: chemistry has gone wrong, friend, screwed! Or beep slowly: that uses flat iron every day is the reason! The important thing is to tell if your hair is damaged and admit to yourself that the wires so need a little help. For those who are still in doubt whether it is just a passing dryness or more serious damage, we have separated some good clues to know if your hair is damaged.

Double ends are the beginning of everything

We know that bangs are your boob, but to ensure healthy hair you have to keep an eye down there and discover the signs of damaged hair. The tips are the first to feel when the wires are getting damaged and the proof is that there is not a woman in the world who has not suffered from annoying split ends.

healthy hair


Lack of brightness is not a good sign either, see?

In some cases dull hair is not to blame for the wrong shampoo or the absence of that clever finer oil. This can happen because nutrition is lacking and the dryness is already at its peak. To turn the tables, bet on treatment creams with potent vitamins and oils.

If your hair is breaking, you can light the alarm

Women’s hair does fall the floor of the house says so but there is a difference between damaged hair vs healthy hair and those 100 strands that is normal to lose a day and a break for damage. If the wire is breaking more than halfway to the ends, especially when you comb or hold, it is a red alert that it is very weak. Even worse is when he begins to break down to the point of leaving some region thinner: friend, it is intensifying the rhythm of ampoules and treatment creams to run after the injury.

damaged hair

Porosity is a sign that the hair is asking for help

While split ends are that boring cousin of hair, porosity is a kind of damage you can’t beat. Both in the mirror and in the touch you feel that the hair is no longer the same. That prickly look is a sign that the cuticle the protection of the hair on the outside is open and the damage is serious. Then the way is to fix life and bet on a specific line for damaged hair: use straight as it says on the label, huh!

To give your hair a healthy look, it is best to go to the salon to have your hair cut to a shorter length to give an impression of full, dense hair.