Miracle Berry Wholesale & Drop Shipping

If you wish to sell our MiraBerry miracle berry tablets yourself then we offer two great solutions that will make this possible - wholesale or drop shipping. Both of these options have benefits, so please read below to see which suits you most.

Once you know which solution suits you please contact us to discuss.


Buying large quantities at a reduced cost is the standard thing that most retailers do in order to maximise their profit margins when it comes time to sell. This is only suitable for businesses with capital to invest but it can be very rewarding.

You simply order at or above our minimum order quantity, we ship the products to you and you then store and fulfil them yourself which gives you full control.

Wholesale is great for people who:

  • Have the capital to invest in order to maximise their profits
  • Have a warehouse or other storage space available
  • Are happy to fulfil orders themselves

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a fantastic way for those with little to no capital to start making money by simply passing on orders to us. It's also great for those who don't wish to buy MiraBerry in bulk, don't want to worry about storage or fulfilling orders.

You simply list MiraBerry for sale on your own website and, once your customer places an order with you, you simply pass it over to us to fulfil. Simple!

Drop shopping is great for people who:

  • Have little to no capital to start
  • Don't want to buy in bulk for low prices
  • Don't have a warehouse to store these products
  • Don't want to fulfil orders, just focus on growing your business

Ready to talk? Get in touch and start selling today.