What is a Miracle Berry?

The Miracle Berry is a rare, tropical fruit that is native to West Africa. It's often called, or referred to, as a Miracle Berry, Miracle Fruit or Miraculous Fruit. These Miracle Berries contain Miraculin which plays an active role in altering how the tongue perceives tastes. It's also the most expensive fruit in the world *gulp*.

Synsepalum dulcificum is the actual name of the plant which carries the berries, and you can read a lot more about that and Miracle Berries themselves here.

What's the difference between Miracle Berry Tablets and Fresh Berries?

The fresh miracle berries, as great as they are, they have a very short shelf life in the region of a couple of weeks whereas the tablets will last up to 18 months.

Another major difference between fresh miracle berries and miracle berry tablets is the cost. Fresh miracle berries can cost up to hundreds of pounds for just a handful of berries. Miracle berry tablets deliver the same level of change for a similar amount of time at a fraction of the cost because they contain the dehydrated pulp.

Why use Miracle Berry Tablets?

Miracle berries can assist you on your journey to lose weight, not because that's what they do but because they help you to cut sugar out of your diet. You can then use healthy things such as lemon and use miracle berry tablets to make it sweet.

The berry has also been known to enhance the flavours of food for cancer patients whose chemotherapy treatments have dulled their taste. On CNN, Dr. Mike Cusnir, lead researcher and oncologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center, explains, "What happens in patients is the food tastes so metallic and bland, it becomes repulsive. Most of the patients undergoing chemotherapy have weight loss. Then they cut further into their diet and then this furthers the weight loss. It causes malnutrition, decreased function of the body and electrolyte imbalance." CNN story here.

As well as the 2 great uses above, miracle berry tablets are also just lots of fun. Many people host flavour tripping parties where participants try lots of different sour foods that they wouldn't usually eat. We do offer multi-buy deals for parties.

Are they safe?

YES! Miracle berries have been used for thousands of years without a single report of any negative side effects from their usage. Since their popularity around the world has risen, more and more people have been eating them without side effects.

Where can I read more?

Many large news outlets have written about miracle berries, including The Guardian, BBC, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. They're very positive!

How long does delivery take?

All orders placed before 2PM are dispatched the very same day with Royal Mail and 99% of orders will arrive the very next day. Best of all, delivery is FREE!

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