How Miracle Berries Are Helping Cancer Patients

May 30, 2016 Sandy Green

Cancer treatment is extremely harsh on the human body and, for all the good it eventually does, it does a lot of damage at the same. One of the common themes is weight loss - it always happens, but it happens more than it has to simply because chemotherapy causes a nasty metallic taste in the mouth and makes eating and enjoying foods impossible for most, often resulting in malnutrition.

And this is where miracle berries can help!

Back in 2012 a pilot study was conducted in which a handful of people receiving chemotherapy were split into 2 groups - one of the groups had a supply of miracle berries, the other were given a placebo. The test lasted for 2 weeks.

They were asked to report daily on whether it helped their food to taste better, the same or worse and, after the 2 weeks, those using the miracle berries reported positive taste changes which is fantastic. Many people are now using miracle berries, usually in their tablet form, for this reason. We're so happy they help!

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