4 YouTubers Try Miracle Berry Tablets For the First Time

May 25, 2016 Sandy Green

YouTubers are fantastic at creating entertaining and engaging content for their popular YouTube channels, and we've found 5 of the greatest videos where some of them are trying miracle berry tablets for the first time. Check them out below!

1. Phil & Tyler

AmazingPhil and Tyler Oakley have 11.5 MILLION subscribers between them, and it's easy to see why. See them in action below to see which foods they tried with their miracle berry tablets, along with their hilarious reactions. They had fun!

2. Shane Dawson

Shane has 7 MILLION subscribers and, after watching this video, you'll probably become one of them. In this video Shane tries Lemon, Vinegar and Hot Sauce among other foods during his first experience with miracle berry tablets. So funny!

3. Emmymadeinjapan

Emmy is one of the younger YouTubers but has still amassed an incredible 700,000 subscribers to date. She's trying fresh miracle berries here rather than tablets, but you get exactly the same experience out of them. She tries Lime, Grapefruit and Pickles among other foods. She's a star of the future, wouldn't you say?

4. Supreme Banana

Cami and her sister try their mberry miracle berry tablets and have TONS of fun doing so, trying foods such as Tomato, Vinegar and Lemon. Watch!

Looked like great fun, hope you enjoyed them!

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