Mberry Are Not the Cheapest for Miracle Berry Tablets

May 23, 2016 Sandy Green

Mberry were the first company to sell miracle berry tablets in the UK, and they've admittedly done a great job, but at the end of the day they're an American company who just use a company here to post their orders. They have no staff here, no customer service here, no office here. We're a UK based company.

Mberry charge £15.99 for a packet of 10 tablets, whereas here at MiraBerry UK we charge as low as £12.99 for 10 tablets with free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Benefits of shopping with MiraBerry UK:

  • We're a UK company
  • We offer the lowest prices
  • We ship all orders 1st class, completely free
  • We're very friendly and respond quickly to emails
  • We'll soon be stocking fresh berries, plants and seeds

Ready to go? You can buy a box of miracle berry tablets here.

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