3 Miracle Berry Facts You Probably Didn't Know

May 20, 2016 Sandy Green

The only common thing people seem to know about miracle berries is that they're usually sold in tablet form and make sour things taste sweet. But beyond that amazing effect is a berry that can, and is, making a big difference.

Miracle berry, although its most common name, is also known as Miraculin and Synsepalum Dulcificum. It's easy to see why those are not used.

So here we go, 3 miracle berry facts you may not know...

1) Great for Cancer Patients

As CNN have written about, Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy treatment often find it hard to eat because of the unbearable taste in their mouth as a result of the treatment, which often results in further weight loss. This causes malnutrition, decreased function of the body and electrolyte imbalance. Avoidable now!

Some patients use miracle berries to add a sweet taste to their foods so that they can bear to eat again, avoiding further weight loss which could jeopardise their recovery. We have a lot of people in this category placing orders with us.

You can read about a pilot study using miracle fruit here.

2) No Side Effects

We've known about miracle berries for over 275 years and in all that time no adverse side effects have ever been reported from their consumption. Miracle fruit tablets have been tested and approved for sale by Japan's Ministry of Health, a government organisation comparable to the United States FDA. Quite impressive, really.

3) Many Forms Available to Buy

Miracle berries can be purchased in 5 forms, not just the tablet form that we sell here at MiraBerry UK. They're more popular because of price and shelf life.

As well as the tablets you can also purchase a miracle berry plant to grow yourself, fresh berries from the plant, granules or even seeds to plant and nurture yourself. We don't currently sell any of those although we certainly may in the future.

Ready to go? You can buy your miracle berry tablets here

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