Flavour Tripping Party with Miracle Berry Pills

May 18, 2016 Sandy Green

Miracle berry tablets make for some awesome flavour tripping parties. You simply prepare a large selection of miracle berry foods and invite your friends, family and even work colleagues over for some flavour tripping. It's so much fun!

When you first arrive at a flavour tripping party you'll be given a miracle berry tablet to dissolve on your tongue. It'll take around 5 minutes to coat the tongue.

Once the miracle berry goodness has completely dissolved and coated your tongue you'll be shown to a fantastic spread of foods where you'll enjoy tasting them for anywhere from 20 minutes to over 1 hour. Every time you try a different food item you'll be excited and shocked by what you're tasting. It's so crazy.

If you can't find a flavour tripping party near you, why not host one yourself?

Ready to go? You can buy your miracle berry tablets here.

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